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Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine

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Alejandro Ramirez


Master of Science (MS)


Veterinary Preventive Medicine


Influenza A virus (IAV) is a zoonotic pathogen that causes widespread infection in swine populations and can result in severe economic losses. Implementation of biosecurity practices and surveillance programs can help prevent within-herd transmission, zoonosis, and reverse zoonosis of IAV. A survey was conducted by mail to evaluate the general knowledge and perceptions of IAV from individuals involved in the swine industry focusing on pork producers and to determine how these factors influence on-farm and employee biosecurity practices. Most participants expressed some level of concern related to the presence (77.5%), and economic impact of IAV in their swine operation (85%) and potential zoonotic transmission (73%). Although respondents reported implementation of specific on-farm biosecurity practices such as facility entry procedures for employees (67.8%) and use of boots dedicated to a farm or building (84.5%), they did not require practices such as gloves (40.8%) and respirator/dust mask use (32.4%). Moreover, few participants reported enforcing employee influenza prevention strategies such as employee vaccination (20.6%) and sick leave policies (26.1%). Similarly, a low percentage of participants stated using IAV vaccines in their breeding herds (16%). These data suggest that although participants are generally aware and concerned about IAV, they could become more informed about the ecology of the virus in order to help mitigate its impact on swine operations. This study provides evidence that producers and individuals involved in swine production may need to become better informed of the consequences of IAV-S infections among swine production systems as well as the long-term benefits of implementing recommended biosecurity practices that are necessary to prevent transmission.

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