Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Industrial Design

First Major Professor

Carlos Cardoso


Master of Industrial Design (MID)


Industrial Design


Waiting lines can be stressful, boring, can bring physical discomfort, and dreadful at times, sucking a lot of our precious time with it. But what if waiting in line became an experience of its own? Where is not dreadful, but fun. By incorporating aspects of various fields in entertainment, design, new technologies and engineering. Today, I am proposing to redesign the queuing system to give guests a more gratifying, positive and Immersiveness experience that engages its audience in theme parks.

This 14-week project that explores the future of entertainment and how the queuing system can be improved in theme parks. Imagine if instead of having the normal themed immersive linear queue experience, the Q-Hop Waiting experience is a queue system that will grant guests agency in choosing how to spend their time waiting before going on the ride. By creating a queue that is just as integral to the story and an enjoyable interactive space to spend time in as the ride itself. The Q-Hop app will allow guests to navigate the queue by reserved their place in a virtual queue, the ability to hop in and out of the queue, give suggestions to what to do, and adding a new layer of immersive interaction and competitive play within guests.

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Polonia Suarez, Abraham

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