Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Community and Regional Planning

First Major Professor

Sungduck Lee

Second Major Professor

Alenka Poplin


Master of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Community and Regional Planning


The changing pattern due to urban growth has transitioned the development and usage of public space. Public space has been one of the vital elements of urban areas from the ancient period of urbanization. Traditional towns of the Kathmandu Valley boast a fine provision of public space and offer a unique setting for urban life. Similarly, Savannah, Georgia historic district is populated with numerous historic squares and plazas. However, the usage of public space has been changing with the change in time. This research explores how the use of traditional public space has changed over years. The research uses and shows how Jan Gehl’s 12 criteria for quality of space to analyze the change is use of public space. Then, inter rater reliability test is used to test to reliability of the result. This research contributes to a broad understanding of urban change and builds new knowledge on the transformation of use in public space in the changing context. The tourism sector has helped to keep the significance of the historic square of Savannah alive however, it is rarely used for social interaction rather has been a spot for homeless and crimes. The research also found a shifting pattern of public activity in public space in terms of traditional and contemporary uses. The traditionally important public spaces are commodified and used for business. Neighborhood open spaces are confronting the issues of destitute usage causing underutilization of space.

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