Degree Type

Creative Component

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

First Major Professor

Jiehua (Jay) Shen


Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering


This creative component includes a brief literature review of three commonly used seismic resistant systems on the precast concrete building: frame system, floor diagram system, and shear wall system. Four different shear wall systems: grouted sleeve shear wall system, laminated slab concrete shear wall system, unbonded post-tensioned precast concrete shear wall system, and precast concrete unbonded post-tension shear wall system with end columns (PreWEC) were analyzed and compared with each other, and cast-in-place concrete shear wall based on the experiments did by other researchers. The grouted sleeve connections used on Grouted sleeve shear wall system might improve the performance of the laminated shear wall system by decreasing the concrete cracks and spalling. Comparing unbonded post-tensioned shear wall systems, the utilization of the O-connections improved the hysteretic capacity and cyclic response of PreWEC significantly. PreWEC performed better than the corresponding cast-in-place shear wall. The laminated shear wall simulated the cast-in-place shear wall well.

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Zhou, Fan

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