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The relationship between corn and soybean yields on the same land varies from year to year, depending on the weather. Corn/soybean yield ratios express the relative yield of corn to soybean (i.e., 134 bu/acre of corn is 3.05 times greater than 43.5 bu/acre of soybean). Table 1 presents the average Iowa corn and soybean yields, and the corn/soybean yield ratios from 1990 to 2001. These ratios indicate that weather favored corn versus soybean growth and development during some years. The higher the ratio above 3.0:1, the greater the advantage for corn during that year; and the lower the ratio below 3.0:1, the greater the advantage for soybean. These ratios refer to agronomic advantage only and may not have a direct relationship to market value of the crop.

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