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The Capture 2EC label has been expanded in field corn, popcorn, and seed corn to include corn rootworm larvae, cutworms, grubs, seedcorn beetle, seedcorn maggot, and wireworm. The manufacturer's recommended rate is 0.3 fluid oz/1,000 row feet. Depending on row spacing, the following rates per acre apply: 40-in. rows (3.9 oz formulated material or 0.06 lb AI), 38-in. rows (4.1 oz of material or 0.064 lb AI), 36-in. rows (4.4 oz of material or 0.069 lb AI), and 30-in. rows (5.2 oz of material or 0.08 lb AI). Do not apply to soil where there is greater than 30 percent cover of crop residue remaining.

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