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I am a Nebraska native and have been involved with production agriculture my entire life. I grew up in eastern Nebraska and was heavily involved in my family’s corn-soybean operation through college. I also have an identical twin sister, Julie, who is a regional agronomy specialist with the University of Missouri. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska in agronomy. I also earned a Master of Science degree in agronomy at the University of Nebraska, with a specialization in crop physiology and production. My research priorities during that time centered around the physiological impact of glyphosate on glyphosate-resistant soybean, specifically investigating nodulation and leaf chlorophyll response. Roger Elmore, extension corn specialist for Iowa State, was my main adviser during my graduate program. During my graduate career I was also able to conduct on-farm research, which was a great opportunity to work with local producers and bring small-plot research onto a larger scale. The positive experience I had during these years led me to pursue a career focused on extension within the university system.



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