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As of July 20, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) had received 142 cases of pesticide misuse, historically this number has ranged from 58-85 at this time of year. Dicamba was involved in 46 of these cases. Two of the dicamba cases involved use in non-crop areas, 10 involved applications on corn and 36 were related to applications to dicamba-resistant soybean (Xtend). The soybean cases were nearly evenly split between Xtendimax w/VGT and Engenia, there were no reports involving products not registered for use on soybean. Cases also were evenly split between commercial and private applicators. Total dicamba cases reported to IDALS had increased to 74 on August 2 (Figure 1), and I expect the number of cases to increase. As discussed elsewhere, official reports to regulatory agencies are the tip of the iceberg since many farmers and applicators attempt to settle issues among themselves rather than involve regulatory agencies.

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