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Both soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) and white mold (WM) were wide spread in Iowa during the 2009 season. The simultaneous outbreak of soybean sudden death syndrome and white mold (SDS-WM) had only occurred once previously – in east central Iowa during the 2007 growing season. This season was the first time that the two diseases were wide spread in Iowa. Many growers experienced the occurrence of SDS-WM on the same farm, some in the same field. In one session at the Iowa State University Integrated Crop Management Conference on Dec. 3 in Ames, I polled the group to learn how many people had seen SDS and white mold in the same field in one season. Twenty percent of the people raised their hands. To me this number is alarming. SDS-WM can be used to describe the occurrence of multiple diseases in one season in one field.

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