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The first step in managing a plant or insect problem is to know what is causing the symptoms observed. Accurate pathogen or insect pest identification is one of the most important integrated pest management (IPM) tactics leading to a successful management strategy. So how do you determine what is causing a particular set of symptoms? Sometimes different pests, diseases and disorders cause similar symptoms. How can these be differentiated? One option that many farmers and agribusiness affiliates take advantage of is the Iowa State University Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic (PIDC). At the PIDC, we diagnose plant problems, identify insects and provide management advice. Our team in the lab includes an entomologist Dr. Laura Jesse and two plant pathologists, Dr. Lina Rodriguez Salamanca and Ed Zaworski. As diagnosticians, it is our job to help solve the issues for you. Send us a sample, we are here to help.

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