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As of May 12, 15 percent of Iowa’s corn was planted (USDA-NASS). This is a slower pace than what Iowan’s experienced even in the flood year, 1993, when 20 percent was planted at this time in May. The 8 percent planted before May 5 was subjected to dramatic soil temperature changes as well as up to a foot of snow in parts of Iowa. Many Integrated Crop Management News articles, blogs, Twitter posts, and other media document spring 2013 conditions and concerns.

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Figure 1. Iowa Average Accumulated Growing Degree Days (GDD), Precipitation, and Stress Degree Days (SDD) for Spring 1947, 1995 and 2013.

20130515-ElmoreR-AnalogYearsWeather-Figure2.pdf (298 kB)
Figure 2. Iowa Average Accumulated Growing Degree Days (GDD), Precipitation, and Stress Degree Days (SDD) for the 1947, 1995 and 2012 Growing Seasons.

20130515-ElmoreR-AnalogYearsWeather-Figure3.pdf (183 kB)
Figure 3. Corn yield United States. and Iowa, 1866-2012.

20130515-ElmoreR-AnalogYearsWeather-Figure4.pdf (172 kB)
Figure 4. Percent of Iowa's corn planted at different dates and years. 2004 and 2009 yields were well-above trend line. Record breaking planting progress occurred in 2010.




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