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HIMS'15 - International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems

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Proceedings of International Conference on Health Informatics & Medical Systems

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HIMS'15 - International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems

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July 27-30, 2015


Las Vegas, NE


Colonoscopy has contributed to a marked decline in the number of colorectal cancer related deaths. However, recent data suggest that there is a significant (4-12%) miss-rate for the detection of even large polyps and cancers. To address this, we have been investigating an ‘automated feedback system’ which informs the endoscopist of possible sub-optimal inspection during colonoscopy. A fundamental step of this system is to distinguish non-informative frames from informative ones. Existing methods for this cannot classify water/bubble frames as non-informative even though they do not carry any useful visual information of the colon mucosa. In this paper, we propose a novel texture feature based on accumulation of pixel differences, which can detect water and bubble frames with very high accuracy with significantly less processing time. The experimental results show the proposed feature can achieve more than 93% overall accuracy in almost half of the processing time the existing methods take.


This article is from WorldComp 2015 International Conference Health Informatics and Medical Systems | HIMS'15 : pp. 24-30. Posted with permission.



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