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Computer Systems Organization, Information Systems


This paper presents the design and performance analysis of an uploading system that automatically uploads multimedia files to a centralized server given client hard deadlines. If not uploaded by the deadlines, existing files may be lost or new files cannot be recorded. The uploading systems with hard deadlines have several important applications in practice. For instance, such systems can be used in hospitals to gather videos generated from medical devices from various operating rooms for post-procedure analysis and in law enforcement to collect video recordings from police cars during routine patrolling. In this paper, we study the uploading system with hard deadlines in detail. We present the software architecture of the uploading system. Two server scheduling algorithms that determine which client uploads its file first are investigated . We introduce two emergency control algorithms to handle situations when a client is about to use up its disk space. We evaluate the proposed algorithms via analysis and simulations. Our performance study additionally reveals the impact of the emergency control algorithms on the server scheduling algorithms.