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This is about how a future society, in which prosthetics have been normalized and we are surrounded by spime objects, might claim the ability to construct identities which are both personal and physical. We will operate by assuming that being human requires having a physical component, an operational entity. In other words, the “body” is a fundamental part of who we are as humans. The definition of “body” includes a physical identity that is also operational. Spimes are relevant because they allow people to be more involved in the process of “making.” They are developed using an open source model, made possible with an all-capable design tool, and are informed by the vast amount of information they make available. Prosthetics are the site for intervention because they propose a radical new relationship of object and human. For the first time, humans have created physical objects which must be internalized. As a result of constructing the body with spimes, we may unlock a future where the production of identities is made very accessible.

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