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Open Access and the Future of Scholarly Communication: Policy and Infrastructure

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Scholarly communication is central to the academic endeavor. For researchers, publishing is the vehicle through which they contribute new knowledge to the scholarly record. For faculty members, their record of scholarship is a measure of their efficacy as researchers and their scholarly impact. The ability of faculty to participate in scholarly communication and add to the scholarly canon is central to the development and continuation of their careers. The importance of publishing is reflected in the tenure and promotion process. A 2006 survey by the Modern Language Association found that “demands placed on candidates for tenure, especially demands for publication, have been expanding in kind and increasing in quantity”, demonstrating that the cliché “publish or perish” is more true than ever. Unfortunately, the current scholarly communication environment in both academia and publishing includes barriers that limit the diversity of authors and topics represented in the published literature.


This book chapter is from Open Access and the Future of Scholarly Communication: Policy and Infrastructure, ed. Kevin L. Smith and Katherine A. Dickson (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016).

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