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Thursday, October 19th

Animals on Campus and in the Workplace

Ian Allen, Iowa State University
Ruth Carlton-Appleton, Iowa State University
Brett Lohoefener, Iowa State University

Collaborative Efforts to Promote IT Accessibility in Higher Education in the State of Iowa

Zayira Jordan, Iowa State University
Carolyn Dorr, University of Northern Iowa
Kirk Corey, University of Iowa
Todd Weissenberger, University of Iowa

Deaf People of Deaf Culture's Language is American Sign Language

Sandra Buccholz, Iowa State University

Distinguished Keynote Address

Tom Harkin

Now You See Me Now You Don't: Navigating the World with an Invisible Disability

Mark Harris, University of Iowa
Nathan Stucky, University of Iowa

Support Program for Students with Autism in Postsecondary Education

Amanda Thompson, Kirkwood Community College
Arlene English, Kirkwood Community College
Elissa Teets, Kirkwood Community College

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Accessibility in Higher Education Facilities

Brian Manternach, University of Iowa
Kerry Anne Dixon, Iowa State University

Words Mean Things: Navigating Language When Working with Students with Disabilities

Megan Johnson, Iowa State University