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In the early Summer of 2012, my wildest year came to a gradual close. To help mark that ending, through nearby friends I found a sweat lodge leader and learned the protocol for meeting him and requesting that a lodge be conducted on my behalf.

This new collection of poems includes all the verses from eight of my chapbooks, beginning shortly after the sweat lodge and concluding as Summer began in 2013. As with the poems published in “This Wildest Year,” nearly all those included here have resulted from a spontaneous flow that still puzzles me.

As you will soon see, the geography covered in these poems encompasses broad swaths of territory: physical and spiritual (or, in the Taoist sense, both earthly and heavenly). Occasionally, it also ventures into dreamscapes, especially in the closing chapter.

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Digital Repository @ Iowa State University


Ames, IA



A Short Geography of Remembrance

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