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IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting

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IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting

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July 25-29, 2021


The impact of weather on the power grid has been a focus of multiple studies, and its importance has grown with the number and magnitude of extreme weather events. This paper uses transmission outage and inventory data collected in Transmission Availability Data System (TADS) to identify and analyze weather related transmission events and quantify their impact on the North American Bulk Electric System. The impact of a transmission event is measured by several factors: the number of outages, affected miles and MVA, event duration, and number of groups of simultaneous outages (known as generations of outages). We analyze the largest events from 2015 to 2019, and use an event propagation metric to estimate the probability of small, medium, and large events, and track how these probabilities change from year-to-year.


This is a pre-print of a proceeding that will appear at IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting: Ekisheva, Svetlana, Rachel Rieder, Jack Norris, Mark Lauby, and Ian Dobson. "Impact of Extreme Weather on North American Transmission System Outages." (2021). Posted with permission.


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