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20th Annual Meeting of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative

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20th Annual Meeting of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative

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March 3-5, 2021


This work describes our current effort to use the Discord platform to overcome the new challenges that were added to our TBL classroom from the very beginning of the current pandemic. Some of these challenges are; 1) the enforced social distance in the classroom which prevents students from interacting during class time 2) the presence of face masks which make the communication between the instructor and the students not clear especially in large classes, and 3) the hybrid delivery of some courses where some students are in class and others are online. By utilizing Discord's features, including using Discord Bots, the course instructor can actively manage the teams' interactions, keep track of who is/isn't participating, take attendance, and even send messages to a specific team or even a specific student within a team.


This poster is published as Nazar, Ahmad, Theodore Thayib, and Mohamed Selim. "Discord: A Powerful Collaborative Platform for TBL Face2Face, Online, and Blended Learning." Presented at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, March 3-5, 2021. Posted with permission.

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