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Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics

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Conference Proceeding


2013 IEEE International Symposium on Network Coding

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2013 International Symposium on Network Coding (NetCod)



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2013 IEEE International Symposium on Network Coding

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June 7-9, 2013


Calgary, AB, Canada


We consider the design of regenerating codes for distributed storage systems that enjoy the property of local, exact and uncoded repair, i.e., (a) upon failure, a node can be regenerated by simply downloading packets from the surviving nodes and (b) the number of surviving nodes contacted is strictly smaller than the number of nodes that need to be contacted for reconstructing the stored file. Our codes consist of an outer MDS code and an inner fractional repetition code that specifies the placement of the encoded symbols on the storage nodes. For our class of codes, we identify the tradeoff between the local repair property and the minimum distance. We present codes based on graphs of high girth, affine resolvable designs and projective planes that meet the minimum distance bound for specific choices of file sizes.


This is a manuscript of a proceeding from the IEEE International Symposium on Network Coding (2013), doi:10.1109/NetCod.2013.6570830. Posted with permission.


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