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products from biotechnology research are beginning to emerge into the con^ercial market. However, there has been a long gestation period which followed the investor fervor associated with the promise of new products from biotechnology and the spawning of many small biotech research firms to capitalize on these new technologies. Biotechnology in practice is typically considered to include not only genetic engineering, involving recombinant DNA procedures, but some of the older and closely related tools of cell culture, plant regeneration, monoclonal antibodies, embryo transfer, and bioprocess engineering ^Agricultural Biotechnolo^= Str^^ nn^^etitiveness. 1987). ll^ese are extensions of the age-old techniques of plant and animal breeding and selection that work with the entire organism; the effort is now with individual genes within the organism (Walbot. 1987)

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This report has been published in: Hayenga, Marvin L. Biotechnology: implications for agribusiness in the 1990s. No. A50 H417. 1988.