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There are only two parts of the developing world where a massive problem of food insecurity exists, namely South Asia and Subsaharan Africa. This is where a major portion of the poor in the world reside. Increased attention to the developments in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union have however diverted attention from the problems of this poor humanity. The likely short term adverse effects of the proposed reduction in protection of the US and the EEC agriculture on the food importing developing countries through the increased cost of food imports has also not received the attention that it deserves. These adverse effects should not be interpreted to mean that reforms in the agricultural policies of OECD countries are not needed, but rather that they may call for special ameliorative actions in the short and medium run, especially in terms of assistance to Africa. My comments below explore these relationships.

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This report is published in Gallagher, Paul W. A Review of Perspectives and Policies on Food Security. No. 12566. 1990.