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Livestock.production important economic development opportunity in many communities. It is a major,-economic activity, providingjobs while converting lower value raw materials such as forages and grains into highenvalue products'such as livestock and livestock, products. For many rural communities livestock.production is an importantingredient.for . enhanced econornic activity and yiability.-i For others,livestock productionmay not be a key^ development focus. Communities will need an aggressive approach in.determining,their competitive advantages and areas for development ofsustainable and expanding economic growth. A commonality for all communities.isjthat.sustainability will be needed. Sustainable industries will be built on cornerstones such as economic vitality, impact on quality of life, environmental (waste, odors,•etc.)iimpacts,.and animal and worker welfare and health. All will need consideration when identifying strategies.for a sustainable and. competitive livestock industry . whichis integrated into the community environme

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This report is published in Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, vol. 268