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Sulfamethazinehas been widely used in the production of meat animals. It is effective as a product for treatment as well as prevention of animal disease leading to improved production efficiencies and lower cost meat and meat products. This was true especially in pork production. However, in recent years, use ofsulfamethazine in meat animal production has received a renewed focus. Thisstudy provides an economic analysis ofselected alternatives to the use of sulfamethazine in pork production. Alternatives evaluated were sulfathiazole, oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, tylosin and lincomycin. Sulfathiazole isshown to be the most cost effective alternative. Production efficiency, production costs, and pork priceswere only slightly impacted when sulfathiazole was substituted for sulfamethazine. Sulfathiazole is followed by lincomycin, then the tetracyclines, and tylosin

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This report is published in Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Vol. 266