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In March and April of 1993, a random sample of 334 Iowa pork producers participated in a survey regarding their production practices, facilities, and purchasing patterns. The sample, was divided into three groups by size: 113 farms marketing under 700 head of hogs, 141 farms marketing 700 - 2,000 head, and 90 marketing over 2,000 head. A few of the key findings include;Producer profile Is forty-five years old; has 13 years of formal education, 22 years of pork production experience; and plans to produce hogs for an additional 17 ye^s. Has annual marketings of 1,743 market hogs and 447 feeder pigs from 128 sows.

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This report is published in Lawrence, John D., et al. "A profile of the Iowa pork industry, its producers, and implications for the future." Staff Paper 253 (1994).