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Over 14,000 Iowa farmers quit raising hogs between December 1992 and December 1996. This exodus represents 40 percent of the report number of farms with hogs in 1992. This five year period also represents a time of enormous,change in the.pork industry; rapidly changing technology,.. emergence of mega operations, regional shifts of hog production, record high com prices, and the lowest hog prices in over 20 years; There has been a great deal of speculation about why Iowa farmers quit raising hogs, but little is known about what type of individuals and operations left the industry, why they quit, and if they would return to the business. This report summarizes a survey of these ' producers that provides insight to better answer these questions.

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This report is published in Lawrence, John D. 1997 Survey of Former Iowa Hog Producers: Motivations of Exiting and Incentives to Return. Iowa State University, Department of Economics, 1997.