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WP #06027, August 2006 revised March 2007; Old working paper #12660


In this paper, we study a decentralized monetary economy with a specified set of markets, rules of trade, an equilibrium concept, and a restricted set of policies and derive a set of equilibrium (monetary) allocations. Next we set up a simpler constrained planning problem in which we restrict the planner to choose from a set that contains the set of equilibrium allocations in the decentralized economy. If there is a government policy that allows the decentralized economy to achieve the constrained planner's allocation, then it is the optimal policy choice. To illustrate the power of such analyses, we solve such planning problems in three monetary environments with limited communication. The upshot is that solving constrained planning problems is an extremely "efficient" (easy and quick) way of deriving optimal policies for the corresponding decentralized economies.

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Published as "Usefulness Of The Constrained Planning Problem in A Model Of Money" in Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 12 no. 4 (September 2008): 503-525.

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E31, E42, E63

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Revised version: March 2007 (Original draft: August 2006)

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