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This report documents the results of momentary time sampling observations conducted in District B during the fall of 2004. We summarize the results of eighteen classroom observations in six beginning algebra classes that included students with and without disabilities. It identifies typical student and teacher behaviors, as well as typical instructional organization patterns and task formats in a variety of beginning algebra classes in this district. In District B, there are two options for beginning algebra courses – Algebra I, which covers all the content for the course in one term, as well as Algebra IA and Algebra IB, which spreads the content over two terms. The participating teachers did not teach Algebra I during the terms when our observations were conducted; therefore, this report only includes data from observations in Algebra IA and IB. We describe some of the similarities and differences in algebra instruction for students with and without disabilities who were enrolled in Algebra IA or Algebra IB, in addition to reporting our findings about patterns of student behavior in each of these classes.


Project AAIMS is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, Grant # H324C030060; Technical Report #4.



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