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Spring 2017

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Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy






This study is drawn from data collected for a larger study on the implementation of integrated reading and writing at the developmental level at one Texas community college. To protect sources, the name of the targeted college has been changed, and a pseudonym has been substituted. Three faculty members interviewed for this study were trained and taught within the Dream Catchers program at Adelante College, one of the first colleges to adopt the Dream Catchers Program, which bases its pedagogy and professional development practices on the model of the Puente Project, a national model for student success housed at the University of California, Berkeley. What the data revealed was the strength of the professional development Dream Catchers faculty received to prepare them for teaching students, and part of that training was a more validating approach to teaching students in developmental courses. This study examines how the Puente model can inform colleges’ approach to training their faculty and how the Dream Catchers approach can lend itself to best practices for teaching Latinx college students in Texas.


This article is published as Doran, E.E. (2017). The benefits of investing in high-quality professional development for faculty in Texas. The Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy, 1(1). Posted with permission.

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