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Review of Higher Education


As attendees at the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) annual conference plot their schedules, they are met with an array of choices. The multitude of topical areas, methods, theories, and perspectives on display at any given ASHE conference suggests a rich and diverse vibrancy of scholarship. But such perceived diversity often conceals areas of conflict. Whose voice is being heard? What paper topic seems to fit on which panel or in which section? What is eventually published? The academic study of higher education, like any field of knowledge, has emerging structures and undergoes dynamic changes with potentially profound implications for how scholars label, define, and describe their field of inquiry.


This accepted article is published as Smith, R. & Brown, M. Far Beyond Post-Secondary: Longitudinal analyses of topic and citation networks in the field of Higher Education Studies. Review of Higher Education, 2020. Posted with permission.

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