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The following comments are intended to align your expectations as a reader with those of mine as the writer by primarily explaining what is not included in this book. If you have elected to read this book of your own accord (versus an assigned reading for a class), you might be expecting a thorough, detailed discussion of empathy and perspective-taking, but you will not find that. Many years ago, after considerable time reviewing the literature on empathy, perspective-taking, and role-taking, I wrote a convention paper where I detailed the confusion surrounding the meaning and measurement of those concepts. As a solution, I decided to erase the board and start with a blank slate and a new term. Since that time, others have also languished over the confusion of the meaning of the terms empathy and perspective-taking, often merging them together in attempts to more clearly identify boundaries and meaning resulting in such terms as empathic perspective- taking, affective perspective-taking, and cognitive empathy. Other scholars have also discussed these issues of conceptual confusion, so there is no need to rehash those issues here.



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Applied Behavior Analysis | Cognition and Perception | Comparative Literature | English Language and Literature


This book is published as Redmond, Mark V., Social decentering : a theory of other-orientation encompassing empathy and perspective-taking. Berlin,Boston; Walter de Gruyter, May 2018. Posted with permission.

Social Decentering: A Theory of Other-Orientation Encompassing Empathy and Perspective-Taking