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Pest Management with Natural Products




This volume and the contributed chapters therein are a result of the Natural Products for Pest Management symposium held at the 244th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA August 19–23, 2012 to honor the late Horace (Hank) Cutler and his contributions in the field of natural products chemistry. The symposium introduced recent discoveries and applications of natural products from insect, terrestrial plant, microbial, and synthetic sources for the management of insects, weeds, plant pathogenic microbes, and nematodes. The symposium brought together scientists from academic, government, and private research laboratories around the world. Discussed were natural products with insect repellent and attractant, insecticide, nematicide, herbicide, and fungicide activities, and their current and potential future roles in pest management. Also highlighted was the emission of volatile natural products from trees as a method to detect early stages of pathogen infection. In addition to recent advances, the symposium included reviews of important natural products that have proven successful as commercial products as well as the significance of responsible product stewardship.


Reprinted (adapted) with permission from Pest Management with Natural Products, 1141; doi: 10.1021/bk-2013-1141.pr001. 2013 American Chemical Society.


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