Submissions from 1995


Spray strategies to control Anthracnose fruit rot in day-neutral strawberries, 1994, M. L. Gleason, M. A. Vitosh, B. L. Leininger, G. R. Nonnecke, D. R. Lewis, J. J. Obrycki, and F. W. Nutter Jr.

Submissions from 1993


Pesticide Sprays to Control Botrytis Rot, Anthracnose, and Tarnished Plant Bug In Day-Neutral Strawberries, 1992, M. L. Gleason, G. R. Nonnecke, and D. R. Lewis

Submissions from 1992


Spray timing to control Botrytis fruit rot and tarnished plant bug in day-neutral strawberries, 1991I, M. Gleason, G. Nonnecke, D. Lewis, and S. Parker