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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Debra Satterfield


Sports are a central part of American culture. Because of this, sports leagues like the NFL and WNBA have profited and continue to profit from fan attendance and loyalty. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on NFL football game attendance and merchandise. An essential aspect of these successful sports organizations is a successful brand and logo design. While establishing any new sports team has many challenges, women's sports teams face additional hurdles. Preconceived ideas of femininity held by American society are sometimes challenged by female athletes, and a traditional sports audience might not be the best market for the team to target. However, there is still a huge opportunity for up and coming women's teams to take a piece of the market through effective logo design. Through analysis of current efficacious NFL and WNBA logos, a sports organization can actualize a new, better-designed, more profitable logo that will improve and inspire fan attendance. This study attempts to accomplish this by developing a method of analysis and application for sports logo design based on information gathered from current successful sports logos and from current literature on design principles as they apply to branding and identity design.


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