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Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science

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Julie Dickerson


Developing applications for Virtual Reality(VR) systems is difficult because of the special- ized hardware required, complexity of VR software, and the technical expertise needed to use both together. We have develop tools and applications that support the authoring of virtual reality applications. The tools will support development of VR applications based on common requirements of the hardware and architecture used in VR systems.

We developed support for animations, geometry morphs, deformable geometry, advanced particle systems, importing digital assets, embedding a scripting language virtual machine, sound library wrappers, video library wrappers, and physics library wrappers for the OpenSG framework. The KabalaEngine was developed to use the supporting libraries previously men- tioned in a clustered VR system using OpenSG's clustering capabilities. The KabalaEngine has an expert graphical user interface that can be used for developing virtual environments. Finally, we developed a graphical user interface for novice users of the KabalaEngine. We found that users of the KabalaEngine were able to use the interface to produce three different complex virtual environments with 10-15 different 3D objects arranged in a meaningful way in fifty minutes.


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David J Kabala



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106 pages