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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Johnny S. Wong


In this thesis, we propose a personal diabetes monitoring system which integrates wearable sensors, 3G mobile phone, smart home technologies and Google sheet to facilitate the management of chronic disease - diabetes. The system utilizes wearable sensors and 3G cellular phone to automatically collect physical signs, such as blood glucose level, blood pressure and exercise data like heart rate, breathing rate and skin temperature. It allows users, especially seniors with diabetes, to conveniently record daily test results and track long term health condition changes regardless of their locations. It does so without having to ask users to manually input them into the system. The system also utilizes Google sheet to manage Personal Health Records (PHRs), which not only bridges the gaps between patients and different health care providers but enabling accesses to patients' PHRs anywhere and anytime by taking advantage of the universal accessibility of Google sheet. The system further integrates with GPS, Google Search and Google Map functionalities to facilitate the user to find all hospitals near to his/her current location including address, phone number, directions to the selected hospital and street view of the selected hospital.


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Fuchao Zhou



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59 pages