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Master of Science


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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Charles T. Jahren


This thesis describes the action research process of identifying a web-based project management system (WPMS) for the Iowa Department of Transportation's (Iowa DOT) highway projects under $10 million. Noticing the advantages that a WPMS solution implemented for complex large bridge projects, the Iowa DOT sought to identify a WPMS solution for the shop drawing approval process of smaller highway projects.

Action research, an iterative approach used to solve problems, was the methodology used by the researchers to identify possible solutions that met the Iowa DOT's needs and requirements until, ultimately, reaching the final solution. Throughout this investigation, the research team developed several workflows for various shop drawing approval processes. These workflows represent the requirements that the Iowa DOT has established for the process as well as the parameters sought in a solution.

After several iterations, the researchers selected a web-content management system, Microsoft SharePoint, as the solution for development and implementation for the small highway projects. Problems were encountered during the early stages of the SharePoint development process due to a license restriction that did not allow external users from the Iowa DOT network access the SharePoint page and documents. To solve this problem, it was recommended to acquire the external license.

Throughout the entire identification, development, and implementation process it was noticed that action research is an effective method to identify and select a WPMS. It was also concluded that communication played an important role for the success of the development and implementation of the solution. The communication has to occur between the development and implementation team members. It was also found that the selected solution has to be integrated with existing software applications and programs that are currently in use at the Iowa DOT.


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Jose A. Perez Reboredo



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