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Master of Science


Animal Science

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Tom J. Baas


The objective of this study was to determine the effect of extracted corn germ (ECG) from a fractionation process on grower-finisher pigs growth performance and carcass characteristics. A commercial wean to finish facility utilized 2,400 crossbred (PIC 337 x GeneticPork x PIC) pigs, and were allocated to two dietary treatments, one a corn-soybean meal diet (C) and the other fed ECG in replacement of yellow corn. A sample size of 183 pigs from C and 159 pigs from ECG were utilized to evaluate growth performance, while 147 pigs from C and 152 pigs from ECG were used to evaluate carcass characteristics. Pigs arrived after weaning at approximately 5.5 kg; sample pigs were tagged and weighed at this time. Pigs were weighed and put on dietary treatments at 23 kg, they were also weighed at 85 kg, and at market. Average daily gain was greater for the C fed pigs from 23 to 85 kg, 85 kg to market, and overall (P < 0.001, P < 0.001, and P < 0.001). There was a trend for ECG fed pigs to have less 10th-rib backfat (P = 0.08), but LMA and percent lean were unaffected. There was a significant difference in minolta Y and Hunter L* score (P < 0.002) at both 24 and 48 hrs post-mortem in favor of pigs fed C. PH at 24 hrs was unaffected by treatment, but there was a trend for the C pigs to have a higher pH at 48 hrs (P = 0.06). Pigs from the C diet had a greater subjective color score (P < 0.05), but marbling and firmness were unaffected. Forty-eight hour b* score on subcutaneous fat displayed a trend (P = 0.06) for the ECG fed pigs to have a whiter fat. Twenty-four pigs from each treatment had a fat sample to determine iodine value; pigs fed ECG had a lower iodine value (P < 0.01) than pigs fed C diets (70.2 and 72.9). Due to certain circumstances of the study, further research is needed to determine the optimum inclusion level of ECG in grow-finish swine diets.


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