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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Lu Ruan


Wireless mesh network (WMN) is a promising technology for broadband Internet access due to its low cost, ease of deployment, increased coverage, and robustness. Equipping each mesh router with multiple radios can greatly improve the capacity of WMNs since the radios at each node can simultaneously transmit data on orthogonal channels.

Channel assignment is an important problem in multi-radio multi-channel WMNs where the goal is to assign a channel to each radio so that the resulting network topology is connected and the network capacity is maximized. Various channel assignment schemes have been proposed in literature. These schemes assume the number of radios at each node is given, but how this number is determined is not specified.

In this work, we propose a joint radio and channel assignment (JRCA) algorithm that determines the number of radios required at each node based on the traffic demand and produces the channel assignment for each radio to minimize the interference among the links operating on the same channel. Thus our algorithm can produce a network configuration that meets the customer demand and maximize the network capacity.

We conduct simulations to compare JRCA with a scheme where each node is equipped with the same number of radios and channel assignment is done by the MCCA algorithm. Our results show that, compared with the other schemes, JRCA can achieve higher throughput with fewer radios at the network nodes.


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