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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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Joseph Chen


Increasing numbers of companies have implemented lean manufacturing because of its proven ability to reduce manufacturing costs and decrease lead times which increase a company's competitiveness. A great deal of time has been spent on development lean tools, which will make systems become leaner. However, significantly less time has been spent developing measurements, which will allow a company to determine how lean a system is. The main focus of this research was to develop a system which would allow companies to determine the lead time of a system, create a value stream map of the system and then predict the leanness of a production system. The development of the system is described in two papers.

The first paper, The Development of an On-Line RFID-Based Lead-time Monitoring System for Value Stream Mapping, proposes a system which allows companies to track their lead times in real-time and then create a value stream map for the system. After successful development of the system it is tested in a laboratory setting to ensure its functionality. Laboratory testing was successful so development of the system continued.

The second paper, The Development of a Leanness Monitoring System via RFID: An Industrial Case Study, proposes a leanness monitoring system (LMS) which allows companies to track their systems leanness in real time. The LMS was run for an extended period of time so that multiple leanness scores can be used to ensure an accurate representation of the production system. Next, kaizen events are held so that the production system can be improved in order to reduce the lead-time. The LMS is then used to determine the leanness score of the production system after the changes were implemented to determine their affect on the system. The resulting leanness scores allowed companies to see how much the changes affected their systems performance while also seeing how much room for improvement there still was.


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