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Master of Science


Natural Resource Ecology and Management

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Joe Colletti


There has been much discussion recently about corn stover as a cellulosic biorefinery feedstock. The popular and scientific press in recent years has published many articles about corn stover and other potential lignocellulosic crops or crop residues being used as a biomass feedstock for next generation biorefineries. In this thesis, the researcher has worked for two parts. The first part examines the interests and concerns of supplying corn stover from the Iowa farmer's perspective through an application of an ordinal probit model. The second examines the minimum willingness to accept (WTA) a price for corn stover sold in the future into a biomass feedstock market. The results of the analysis suggest that farmer interest in supplying stover and WTA are somewhat limited and mostly influenced by concern about environment, the farmer and farm characteristics, and some marketing concerns. This thesis should be helpful to policy makers, biofuel manufacturers and producers to better understand and predict the supply of corn stover biomass and future price for use in biorefineries designed to use cellulosic biomass.

Key words: corn stover, biofuel, WTA, farmer interest, supply.


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Weiting Lu



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54 pages