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Master of Science


Curriculum and Instruction

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Elizabeth A. Thompson


This study examined the views and experiences of the instructors and administrators who used WebCT GOLD in the fall 2007 semester. An online survey using multiple-choice and open-ended questions was distributed to a convenience sample of the specified WebCT users at Iowa State University. Descriptive data were collected on demographics, reasons instructors changed their WebCT GOLD usage in the fall 2007 semester as compared to the previous semester, and reasons instructors used certain WebCT GOLD tools the most, while ignoring the rest. The response rate for the survey was almost 18%. The data indicated that a comparatively larger number of respondents increased their use of WebCT GOLD as compared to those who decreased or did not change the WebCT GOLD usage for the fall 2007 semester. Nevertheless, the comments received from the respondents strongly indicate major shortfalls in WebCT GOLD that need to be addressed in order to achieve effective education using WebCT. The statistical data analysis suggest that despite the availability of 20 tools in WebCT GOLD, only the tools such as grade book, announcements, assessments, discussion, and file manager that help reduce work load and increase efficiency were used the most, while instructors ignore the other tools. The findings of this study may help administrators and WebCT GOLD programmers support instructors' effective use of WebCT GOLD, and researchers may learn issues with using WebCT GOLD that need further study.


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