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Master of Science


Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management

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Sara B. Marcketti


The internet offers museums a variety of educational outlets. With the rising use of internet technologies in the everyday lives of millions of Americans museums are able to connect to a larger and more diverse audience. The internet itself, as well as internet technologies such as: podcasts and blogs have the potential to assist the collection in making its objects accessible, transferring knowledge of historic costume and textiles, increasing public awareness, and broadening its audience. This master's thesis reviews the best practices used by museum professionals in the textiles and apparel discipline in an effort to better understand the Web and internet technologies to: disseminate information, present textiles and clothing collections and to enhance the virtual museum and collection experience. Eleven museum professionals of textile and clothing museums were interviewed to better understand the methods, procedures, factors of effective website design, and display preferences, and to understand the purpose and mission of a textile and clothing museum and collection website.

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Tekara Shay Stewart



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105 pages