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Master of Science


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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Sri Sritharan


This thesis provides a pretest analysis of a commonly used and increasingly popular superstructure-to-cap-beam connection used in the state of California subjected to seismic loading. The current connection investigated is used for precast girders placed on inverted-tee cap beams. The development of a prototype bridge and a 50% scale test unit was discussed. Then multiple models were analyzed ranging from a single girder with a cap beam to a assembly with a column, cap beam, diaphragms, deck slab and ten girders based on the prototype and test unit. The analysis models were analyzed in the general purpose finite element program ABAQUS. A new connection detail utilizing an unstressed, prestressing strand placed through the girders was then modeled and proposed to provide a moment resistant connection and allow a plastic hinge to form in the top of the column. By allowing a plastic hinge to form in the top of the column the system is more economical then the current design detail.

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Zachary John-william Thiemann



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205 pages