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Master of Architecture/Master of Community and Regional Planning


Community and Regional Planning

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Tara L. Clapp

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Clare Cardinal Pett


Though work in community food systems is increasing, and food seems to be on everyone's lips as a topic of conversation and debate, there is a significant lack of research on efforts in Native American communities in the United States to (re)construct their food systems in culturally appropriate ways. Linking literatures of food sovereignty, civic agriculture, and food systems planning, this research represents a first attempt to understand and learn from five Native Food Systems orgnanizations. Utilizing an open-ended interview format with key organizational leaders, the research offers a comparative analysis of their programs and initiatives. This research is intended to educate both Natives and non-Natives about Native food system (re)building, and also provides much-needed case studies for the community food system movement in general. Several recommendations are suggested to help existing and emergent Native Food Systems organizations. As this research is in its infancy, an extensive consideration on areas for future research is also offered.

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Breann Ashlie Leann Bye



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133 pages