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Master of Science


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Frank E. Peters

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Matthew C. Frank


Automated 3D path and spray control planning of industrial painting robots for unknown target surfaces is desired to meet demands on the production system. In this thesis, an image acquisition and laser range scanning based method has been developed. The system utilizes the XY projection of the boundaries of the target surface to generate the gun trajectory's X and Y coordinates as well as the spray control. Z coordinates and gun direction, distance, and speed are generated based on the point cloud from the target that is acquired by the laser scanner. A simulation methodology was also developed which is capable of calculating the paint thickness across the target surface. Results have shown that the generated path could perform a full coverage on the target surface, while keeping the paint material waste at the minimum. Excellent paint thickness control could be achieved on 2D and straight line sweep surfaces, while a satisfactory thickness is obtained on other 3D arbitrary surfaces. Relationships among thickness, spray deposition profile, sampling roughness and geometric features of the target surfaces have been discussed to make this method more applicable in industry.


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Fanqi Meng



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52 pages