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Doctor of Philosophy


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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David J. White


The performance and durability of pavement structures depend heavily on the pavement foundation layer support conditions. Construction of pavement foundation layers with adequate support capacities require use of proper construction methods, and following proper quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) procedures. There has been growing interest in the United States for incorporating roller-integrated compaction monitoring technologies and various in-situ strength/stiffness based test measurements (e.g., deflectometers, cone penetration tests, etc) into earthwork construction QC/QA practice. To aid in effective implementation of these different technologies, field investigations are conducted as part of this research on a wide range of granular and cohesive soils. Primary objectives of this thesis are to: (a) investigate factors influencing light weight deflectometer test measurements and relationships with conventionally used modulus measurements, (b) analyze spatially referenced roller-integrated compaction measurements (RICM) using geostatistical methods to characterize non-uniformity and develop methods that can potentially improve process control during construction, (c) develop correlations between RICM measurements and different conventionally used in-situ modulus test measurements, and (d) develop an understanding on factors influencing these correlations in a mechanistic stand point.

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Pavana Kumar Reddy Vennapusa



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