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Master of Architecture



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Arvid Osterberg


This thesis attempts to find out why homeowners are so ill-informed to the intricacies of owning a home in a historic district before moving in to one. It investigates through interviews where the information gap exists, and seeks solutions for homeowners so that they can take control and obtain the necessary information they need to be productive homeowners in their historic district as well as enjoy the neighborhood they've moved into. Education about a historic district can come in many different ways, but the obvious avenues

are through real estate agents, neighborhood associations, and involved city agencies. Using interviews, four case studies, and additional research, solutions for obtaining education were identified. These include homeowners taking the initiative to do their own research on their valuable investment to ensure that they will be happy living there, creating a website that homeowners could go to that would allow them easy access to information about the historic district their home is in, and homeowners taking the time to talk to the board of directors for their neighborhood association and contacting other owners who have done rehabilitation work in the area and have worked with the local Preservation Commission.

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Betsey Nicole French



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120 pages

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