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Doctor of Philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction

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Kouider Mokhtari


This study examined the discourse of preservice teacher candidates in order to better identify those practices and experiences by which they shape their identity and conceptualize their role in teaching. The study's purpose was to find out (a) how secondary preservice teacher candidates conceptualize the practice of their teaching, (b) what relevant experiences frame the context of their conceptualization of teaching, and (c) how they engage with one another through classroom discourse to collectively shape their developing conceptualization of teaching?

Data consisting of in-class recorded discourse (with accompanying field notes), online discourse, semi-structured interviews, and focus groups were collected from 24 pre-service secondary teacher candidates who were enrolled in an intact reading methods course at a large Midwestern university. Using Gee's (2005) integrated approach to discourse analysis helped extract several inter-related themes (e.g., connecting with texts read, using prior knowledge and experiences, negotiating conceptualization of teaching through discourse), which shed light into those personal and professional experiences that help shape their identity and conceptualization of their role in teaching.

The findings underscore the importance of examining classroom discourse as a powerful lens for understanding teacher learning and development. These findings are discussed in light of existing research on teacher identity formation with implications for pedagogical research and instruction.


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