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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Larry H. Ebbers

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Robyn M. Cooper


The thrust in education today is to encourage young women to enter nontraditional fields of study such as chemistry, physics, and biology. In order to better prepare the next generation of women scientists, then, we should examine the experiences of women participants already working within these areas. We can learn from their experiences. What motivated them toward science? What influenced them to become teachers? What brought them to the community college? If the premise is that we want more women involved in science, then one way to understand how to entice women into science would be to research those who are already there. This research project has two important findings, (1) women community college natural science instructors can experience issues of identity between their roles as scientists and teachers; (2) women community college natural science instructors value a different community structure compared to many of their male counterparts. This research lists several recommendations for future practice as well as recommendations for future research.

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Nancy Anne Woods



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